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A safe and culturally rich Education experience for International Students

Experience the opportunity of a lifetime with Palliser International Education.  Based in the Southern part of Alberta, Canada, you will experience some of the most rich and dynamic cultures in Western Canada.  You will find every aspect of the Canadian landscape right at your doorstep.  From emerald green lakes and sparkling blue rivers, to beautiful prairie sunrises and the majestic Rocky Mountains.  You will be fully immersed in Western Canadian culture from the moment you step off the plane.  Our warm and friendly atmosphere is the perfect environment for you to safely experience travel and education abroad. 

Living with a Palliser Homestay Family

Experience shows that the best way to learn English and Canadian culture is to experience interactions in all aspects of daily life. This is why your Homestay experience is an important part of your participation in the Palliser International Student Program. By living with a Canadian Homestay family in our community, you’ll gain a more thorough understanding of Canadian culture and the English language.

Enjoying life in Southern Alberta

Experience Western Canadian culture in the heart of rural Alberta.  Your time spent with a Palliser Homestay family can include a vast array of activities.  From after school sports, to outdoor adventure activities, you will experience what it truly means to be Canadian!


Some activities you could experience are listed below:  

  • After school sports such as:

    • Basketball

    • Badminton

    • Volleyball

    • Football

    • Rugby

    • Soccer

    • Golf

    • Swimming

  • Winter Sports such as

    • Hockey

    • Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding

    • Cross-Country Skiing

    • Snowshoeing

  • Adventure activities

    • Hiking

    • Biking

    • Rock Climbing

    • Snowmobiling

    • Camping

    • Fishing

    • Horseback riding

    • Boating

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SA Activities

Canadian Culture

Southern Alberta is rich in Western Canadian Culture.  Our land and people are warm and inviting.  It is said that Canadians are some of the most polite people on the planet, and for good reason.  It is common practice to observe courtesies such as saying please and thank you, holding the door for others, allowing others to go ahead of you in line, stopping to see if others need help, and apologizing when you accidentally bump into to someone on the street.  Our communities are strong and close knit, and we truly believe it takes a community to raise a child.  Students should be prepared to observe these courtesies, and also expect to be welcomed into the local community with open arms.

Neighbors help neighbors here, and we look out for one another.  Families are very connected and spend a lot of time together.  Canadians are a very excepting peoples, with many different ethnic backgrounds and beliefs, so future students feel a strong sense of belonging.


Another interesting fact about Canadians is that we drive, a lot.  Our country is vast and as such, many of our activities require lengthy travel times.  This can be noticeably different for people coming from smaller countries.


Observed holidays are a very important part of the Canadian families seasonal plans. It is very likely that students will get to experience at least one long weekend while staying in Canada.  These 3 to 4 day weekends are a great opportunity to get out and experience traditional Canadian holidays and activities.

These holidays and activities vary season to season.  For a full list of Canadian Holidays, click here.  For a full list of potential activities, click here.


Southern Alberta boasts an extensive list of tourist attractions and has a history that began before the birth of Canada itself.  As home to two of the first Northern Outposts for trade, and the most North Western location of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,  Southern Alberta has a very deep and interesting history.

Learn more Here (For more information on Southern Alberta Tourism click here)


Southern Alberta is in the northern Great Plains region.  The Western part of the region is lined by the Rocky Mountains and the Foothills.  The rest of region is dominated by the prairies of the Palliser's Triangle.  Farms, ranches and small communities cover a vast majority of the region, with Lethbridge and Medicine Hat being the largest city centres in the South.  Rivers in this area include the Oldman River, Bow River, Red Deer River, South Saskatchewan River, and Milk River (The Milk River is the only river in Canada that eventually flows into the Gulf of Mexico.)

The natural habitat is protected in certain areas across Southern Alberta, such as Waterton Lakes National Park, Cypress Hills Interprovincial, Park and Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.  Other unique area's include Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and Dinosaur Provincial Park, which were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Cypress Hills, located in the east, at the border with Saskatchewan, is the highest point between the Rocky Mountains and Labrador in Eastern Canada.


(For more information on Geography click here)


"There is so much opportunity for a student in Canada, and to share that opportunity with a student from another Country is a truly rewarding experience"

~Lauren Stone, Homestay Parent


Program Options

There are many different program options to choose from, depending on your students age, grade and duration that you wuold like to stay.  You can choose to stay anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month for the younger students, or from 1 month up to a full School year for older students.  See below for some examples of programs 

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