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Being a Homestay family is a truly rewarding experience

Making the decision to welcome an international student into your home, is a truly rewarding experience for your family, the student, and the community

The Palliser International Student Program is looking for Homestay(host) families in Southern Alberta.  As a Palliser Homestay family, you will have the opportunity to enrich the life of an international student; adding depth to their appreciation and understanding of other cultures.

Hosting an International student is an engaging experience that will give your family, and the student, memories to last a lifetime.  Our International students come to us excited for adventure, and want to experience every aspect of what it means to be a part of a Canadian family.  They will happily participate in all of your day-to-day activities; many of which will be for the first time. You and your family will get to see our way of life, schools and community attractions, through the eyes of a newcomer.  One of the many benefits of becoming a homestay family is the opportunity to build connections with a family from another country. In fact, many homestay families stay in touch long after the student’s visit has ended.

As a Palliser Homestay family, you will be responsible for providing food, lodging, and a supportive environment for your selected student during their time in Southern Alberta.  Homestay families are provided a monthly reimbursement for hosting an international student for lodging, utilities and meals.


If you are interested in becoming a homestay family, and would like additional information about our International Program, please contact Palliser's Central Office at 403-328-4111, toll-free at 1-877-667-1234 or email

Click Here to Download the Host Family Handbook   >>

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if homestay is right for me?


When choosing placements for our international students we pair them with families who have similar interests.  If at any time you feel as though the student is not a fit with your family you can contact us directly and we will work with you to make the appropriate changes.  


2. How are host families prepared and supported?


Each family is sent a profile of their student in advance and we suggest the families have contact with their students and the families prior to the student arriving in Canada. 

3. What are host families expected to provide for their student?


A private bedroom with a bed, dresser/closet, access to a nearby washroom and a desk is recommended.  The host family will provide three nutritious meals daily, provide a patient, caring and friendly home atmosphere where they can learn about Canadian culture.  You would provide the same guidance and attention you would want for your loved ones travelling overseas. 

4. What happens if we are uncomfortable with a student or the student is uncomfortable with us?


If at any time you or your student is uncomfortable in the situation you can contact us immediately and we will find an amicable resolution.  Please tell us throughout your experience the good and bad. You can be candid and considerate at the same time. 


5. What if I have to cancel?


If your plans change and you are no longer able to host an international student, kindly let us know as soon as possible.

6. How many students can I host at one time?


This depends on the agency and the individual student. Some agencies and students request to be the only international student in the home while they are in Canada. 


7. What is the remuneration?


Palliser provides a monthly homestay payment of $800 a month per student. This payment is intended to offset costs for room, board, and meals.


8. Do I have to pay taxes on the income?


Generally speaking you do not have to pay taxes on your income for an international student but we do recommend speaking with an accountant about your individual circumstances. 


9. Will the students speak English?


Some students English will be better than others. All students will have some experience with speaking English. Google translate will be your best friend in the beginning but most kids will pick up the language quite fast while they are in an English only environment. 


10. Can I say no to future students?


Yes, you will always have a choice in whether you take a student into your home or not.


11. Can I request certain nationalities or certain genders?


Yes. The decision for each student is up to you. 


12. Do I need to have extra insurance?


No. Palliser provides insurance for each student that comes to Canada through our program. 


13. What happens if something happens to my student (an injury) while they are on my property?


If it is an emergency call 911 immediately. When your student arrives you will be given an insurance card and all the contact information in case of an emergency. Always contact us as soon as something happens and we will take care of the situation.


14. Who do I contact for more information about becoming a host family? 


Please call The Palliser School Division office at 403-328-4111 or email

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