Application & Forms

Interested students, parents or agents are asked to contact us directly for full registration details.

Students will be asked to gather the following information for submission with one of the International Student Application Forms below (see below for pdfs):

  • Completed, notarized Custodian Declaration, with fee.

  • One certified copy of your birth certificate or passport containing a photo

  • One attested copy of transcripts of school marks/achievement for the past two consecutive years (in English)

  • One letter of academic reference (in English)

  • One letter of personal reference (in English)

  • A one page letter written by the student, in English, outlining the student’s family background, their interests and indicating why he or she would like to study with Palliser Regional Schools. Letters need to be addressed to the Superintendent of Schools

  • Two recent certified passport photographs

  • Application fee: Once the student registration is accepted the Student will be sent an invoice for fee payment by money order or bank transfer.

Selecting the school you will attend in Palliser Regional Schools


Students may choose between a faith-based school and a non-faith based school.
The school will be selected in conjunction with the Director of Learning responsible for the International student program.
Information on all Palliser schools is available HERE.

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Need More Info?

Get in touch with one of our program directors for more information

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Palliser International Education, a division of Palliser Beyond Borders, is an international exchange learning program where students get to learn and experience life as a Canadian Student.

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