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General Questions


What type of programs are available?

Palliser School Division has cultural immersion programs for shorter stays and academic programs for semester and full year students.  Please contact us for more information at

What are your academic requirements?

Students should have an intermediate understanding of English (reading, writing, speaking and listening) to be successful in Canada.  For students wishing to receive an Alberta Education Diploma, the length of study is normally three years.  Please contact

What is the cost to study at Palliser School Division?  

Please contact for the current rates.  Typically fees range from $20,000 to $25,000 for a full year, depending on school location.  Partial years and short-term stays are pro-rated.  Site-seeing activities can be arranged at additional costs.

What is included in the fees?  

Fees include an application fee, tuition, mandatory medical insurance, homestay registration fee and homestay monthly fees.   

Can I arrange my own homestay?

Yes, you can arrange your own homestay while in Canada.  Please note that on your application form.  Fees will be reduced accordingly.  

Is there an application deadline?

Palliser School Division encourages students to apply as early as possible for full-year and semester programs.  

How long does it take to get the letter of acceptance?

The processing time for applications and letters of acceptance ranges from one to three weeks once accepted.

How do I get to school?

Some students will walk to school, while others will ride on the school bus.

Can I choose the school I want to attend?  

Palliser School Division will do its best to accommodate requests for school location.  If a school is not available, then Palliser will place the student in another school within the general vicinity.

What grade will I be placed in?

Based on the student’s academic history, students will be placed in an age appropriate grade level assigned by Palliser School Division.  

Study Permits

Where can I locate information about permits to study in Canada?  

Please visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website for more information about study permits and the application process.

Clothing & Spending Money

What type of clothing should I bring to Canada?

The weather in southern Alberta can vary greatly from -30 Celcius in the winter months (December to March) and as hot as +30 Celcius in the spring and summer months (April to June).  Depending on the time of year, layered clothing is best to bring to Canada.  In the winter months, sweaters and warm jackets are highly recommended and in the summer months t-shirts and shorts/skirts.  

How much spending money should I bring to Canada?

Please be prepared for $250 spending money per month while in Canada.  Students who are staying longer term may want access to pre-paid cards or have access to a bank account so they are not carrying large amounts of cash.

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